Amber 45 Real Estate Condo at Amber Road

Real estate is the safest and best investment on earth today. It cannot be stolen, lost or neither can someone carry it away. With that said, according to advice from investment analysts’; if you don’t own a home, you should buy one, if you own a home you should buy another one and if you won two homes, you should buy a third one. Did you know that the value of your real estate tomorrow will be higher than its value today? Well, now you know. So, don’t waste time!! Invest in Amber 45 condo a new freehold development with a range of amenities that range from; swimming pools, tennis court, indoor gym, BBQ area and children playground. So, what is Amber 45 Condo?

Amber 45 Real Estate Condo Amber Road

Amber 45 Real Estate, located at the heart of Marine Parade is a new freehold development by UOL group. Amber 45 has a rich history of 30 years in providing various nurseries and landscaping businesses. Amber 45 Condo is strategically located between 2 condominiums that are very prominent; the sea view and shore residences. The location of the Amber 45 Condo is just minutes away from the Tanjong Katong an upcoming MRT station. The development is also strategically placed around various shopping centers and academic institutions around the Tanjong Katong and Marine Parade area.

Amber 45 Location and Site Plan

So, why should you opt for Amber 45 condo? A little knowledge on the; Project details, Location, Site Plan, and Floor Plan will go a long way in influencing your real estate investment decision today.
The project name is; Amber 45 UOL with Amber Road as its address. The Developer of the amazing Amber 45 is UOL who is charged with the development of this freehold estate in district 15. The Site area is 69,858 sqft and with an overall gross floor area of 146,701 sqft the freehold development will have approximately 190 units.

Amber 45 Freehold Condo

Located near the east coast park, Amber 45 Freehold Condo is an ideal location to locate with all your friends and family members for a great leisure and outdoor sporting activities. The location of Amber 45 has several sporting amenities like; Cable Ski and Sailing that are located on the East Coast Park. The site plan of Amber 45 has a whole range of amazing amenities like; BBQ area, children playground, tennis court, indoor gym and a swimming pool. You and your family are bound to enjoy the luxurious resort life at Amber 45 on Amber road.

The Floor Plans at Amber 45 are designed to suit your family needs. Amber 45 contains typically 2 types of 1,2 and 3 bedrooms facing each other. The rooms have two types of faces; the sea view or the Marine Parade Road and the Shore Residences also East Coast Road. This is why you should Opt for Amber 45, there is everything for everyone and the site plan and floor plans are customized to ensure you and your family enjoy the luxurious lifestyle and enjoy the great outdoor and leisure activities like Sailing and Cable Ski. Don’t waste time! Book your own space today at the Amazing Amber 45.

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